The coronavirus is the cause for new developments every day. That is why we stay close in touch with the appropriate authorities. We always adapt our policy to the current guidelines. Below you will find an overview of frequently asked questions and answers.

Question 1.

Can I still go on holiday given the coronavirus (COVID-19)?
Yes, sure, our park is open. But we understand your question. We also understand that you want to go on holiday with peace of mind. We do everything possible to achieve that! Your vacation can still continue. For a stay at our park, the same national guidelines apply as you would follow at home. We also have taken a number of extra measures.

Question 2.

What measures do we take to prevent spreading?
The national policy aims to minimize social contacts with other people and guaranteeing proper (hand) hygiene. The front desk at our park is open. The supermarket in the village is also open, bicycle rental is still possible for the time being. The bicycles are ready at your home and it is possible to pay contactless. You can still go out in the area. There is even more attention to cleaning. Our cleaning service has adapted protocols with which it works. Extra attention is paid to surfaces where hands make contact, these are cleaned with even more consideration.


Question 3.

My holiday is in the period until April 6. What if I want to change my booking?
We obviously prefer that your holiday can continue in the next few weeks. Did you make reservations for a holiday at our park with an arrival date until or on April 6? And do you want to change the reservation? Please contact us – by sending an email – to move your holiday to a later date, we will try to answer you quickly according to the conditions that apply.

Question 4.

My holiday is in the period until April 6. What if I want to cancel?
Do you want to cancel your holiday? If you do not have a cancellation insurance, we have to charge costs in case you cancel your reservation. These costs are a part of the rent and can be found in our conditions

Tip: There are costs associated with canceling your holiday. Check the conditions with your cancellation insurance. Then you will know whether you are entitled to a compensation.

Did you not find what you were looking for?
If you have further questions, it is best to send an email so that we can provide you with a specific answer.